UK Dacia Boss wants two-seat Dacia sports car image

The Dacia managing director in the United Kingdom has recently announced that a two-seat sports car added to the company’s lineup would be his dream.

Dacia is on the wave these months and after presenting the all-new Lodgy MPV, the Dokker, the Dokker Van, the new generations of the Logan and Sandero and the brand new Sandero Stepway, a new model might enter the company’s lineup, in the shape of a two-seat sports car, which should keep the same low price as other vehicles produced by the Romanian carmaker.

“In my opinion a sports car is exactly what we need. Like the original Alpine, it would be simple, affordable and most of all fun to drive – it’s not necessarily about going fast”, as Thierry Sybord, the UK Dacia managing director, told Auto Express.

Talking about a Dacia sports car and the Alpine brand in the same sentence might mean something after a joint venture has been signed between Renault and Caterham which is announcing the revival of the Alpine brand, Dacia might win something, and that something could be just that two-seat sports car. If the new Dacia model will get the green lights for production, it’s expected to undercut and outsell models like Toyota GT 86.

Source: Auto Express