UK dealership has a knack for cars and gaming consoles image

Jennings Ford Direct from England seems to have found a way to intertwine their business passion for cars and perhaps leisurely passion for gaming – designing cars inspired by game consoles.

The automotive and gaming industry are closely related – we all know that. This long-lasting partnership seems to be illustrated here with this quirky design idea, where the authors blended both worlds into a unitary view. The idea was to design a vehicle based on a specific game console. In order to have a wide array of gaming systems, the dealership decided on eight examples from different eras – from the classic Atari 2600, through the Sega Genesis, Sony’s Playstation II, the XBox 360, and from Nintendo’s riginal NES console, the Gamecube, the Game Boy Color, to the new Nintendo Switch.

UK dealership has a knack for cars and gaming consoles 4

Some of these are actually playful – pun intended – for example the Playstation van, others are charming – such as the Nintendo Switch Cabriolet, while the NES-inspired model is befitting of 1980’s Japanese car culture. We’re certainly seeing them as an exercise in imagination, but with autonomous cars coming soon we can all see a future where designers will be free to come up with virtually anything.

Via Jennings Ford Directs