UK: Diesel prices hit record £1.50 a liter image

True unfortunately – even if the cost of diesel and petrol is officially 143.61p and 135.39p a liter respectively, at fuel stations around the country the price of diesel is shattering the £1.50 barrier.

Analysts have now predicted further increases over the coming weeks – forcing thousands of drivers off the road and triggering a greater threat of demonstrations.

But despite the soaring costs facing motorists, Chancellor George Osborne implied yesterday that there would be no more help for the motorists, saying he had already taken action this year to avoid planned increases in fuel duty.

Gareth Price, spokesman for Consumer Focus Wales, said that high diesel prices had direct and indirect consequences for consumers,

He said: “It makes it more expensive to fill up a diesel car – but it also has a big impact on public transport providers and hauliers.

“Higher costs for bus companies and truck drivers lead inevitably to consumers paying more for goods and services down the line.”

But note that British motorists are shouldering the heaviest tax burden in the EU at the pumps, official figures reveal.

Sixty per cent of the price of unleaded petrol and 58 per cent of the cost of diesel is made up of duties and VAT in Britain, the highest percentages in the European Union.