UK: Drivers Paid £40 More for Petrol This Year image

According to the AA the British have paid £40 more this year to fill up their vehicles compared with 2011.

The AA says that a driver in the UK has spent an average £1.50 more on a tank of fuel this year compared with 2011. If a typical year is filled up 26 times annually, then the rise has added £40 to the cost of driving. Over the year there were two major increases in petrol prices, in spring and autumn, and the AA says that these added about 10 pence to a liter of petrol.

But if petrol retailers quickly increased their prices when these increases took place, they weren’t so fast in reducing their petrol prices when wholesale prices have fallen. AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said that forecourt prices should be with 1 pence lower than the current price, if they were to truly reflect the wholesale price.

According to the motoring group the average cost for a liter of petrol this year has been 133.6 pence, compared with 138.9 pence last year. Although the average cost of petrol has increased over the year, pump prices have decreased over the past months.