UK Drivers Spend More Time With Their Cars Than With Their Partner image

A recent study shows that people in Great Britain prefer to spend more time with their cars than with their loved ones.

The online poll made by reveals that 1 in 8 drivers will rather spend their free time with their car than with their life partner, 1 in 20 drivers (about 5%) let their partner wait one year before letting them drive their car and 1 in 5 made their partner wait at least three months before letting them behind the wheel. Almost 3% of the motorists declared they would never ever let their partner drive their car, since they are “a terrible driver”. I sense some trust issues here.

The poll was made in July and 2,012 UK drivers freely expressed their opinions. The poll also revealed something else: a vindictive group. Motorists were asked that if their relationship would go wrong, they would seek revenge on their partner’s car. 32 said they have already done that and other 50 (4%) said they would definitely think about it.

“We’re a nation that loves our cars and driving them,” said Pete Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, in a statement.