UK EV drivers to pay for recharging from Ecotricity’s network image

The British company which operates most EV chargers on UK’s motorways announced that drivers would no longer benefit from free electricity.

Ecotricity covers almost the entire motorway network in Britain and has nearly 300 charging station for EV vehicles. But if drivers have been benefit from free recharging so far, the company recently deployed some very bad news for owners of battery-powered vehicles. “The usage trebled in 2015 and it has been so successful in encouraging the uptake of electric cars that it is now necessary to start charging for the service in order to maintain and grow the network, ” Ecotricity announced. Therefore, a rapid charge of up to 30 minutes will now cost 6 pounds, a payment that needs to be done through a mobile app, while the network will remain free for Ecotricity domestic energy customers.

The first electric highway pump was installed back 2011, when the UK demand for such cars was still minuscule. However, the trend has picked up some pace and there are now more than 60,000 plug-in vehicles on the roads in the UK, as 2015 saw more than 28,000 EV registered.

Ecotricity said it expected that by 2030 every new car should be electric (pure or hybrid) and that by 2040 they should be the only cars on the road. It has also announced that it intends to double its number of charging stations to nearly 600 over the next two years, expanding to B-roads, as well into cities.

Via What Car