Renault UK exec says sales in the country will surge 40% image

Ken Ramirez, the UK Managing Director of the French carmaker Renault forecasted the company’s sales in the country in 2014 would rise by as much as 40% year-over-year to a total of more than 100, 000 cars and vans.

The automaker, which is led by CEO Carlos Ghosn and has a long running relation with Japan’s Nissan – the biggest auto producer in Great Britain, is also buoyed by demand for the affordable car brand Dacia. This turned it into the fastest rising car and van brand in the UK, with sales of more than 54,000 units for the first half of the year.

“This year we are on track to do roughly 40 percent growth,” said Ramirez, the Renault UK chief since February 2013. “We will be at four times the growth of the market.”

Renault, which since 2004 continuously lost market share – going down from 7.4% to just 2% in 2013, aims to capture in 2014 around 4% of the UK car market and reach more than 5% by 2017. Ramirez said that by that time frame, Renault should command at least 4% and the affordable Dacia brand another 1%. The low-cost unit boasts the country’s cheapest model, the five-door Sandero hatchback at just 5,995 pounds ($10,300). The official also said that Renault is not planning on local production for the two brands, as opposed to Nissan, which has its main European production hub located in the UK.

Via Reuters