UK: Ford is expanding clean diesel engine plant image

The No. 2 US automaker is ready to put its faith in the expansion of clean diesel technology, as the regulators in both its home country and Europe are implementing tougher fuel economy and CO2 emissions standards.

While electricity has been heralded as the fuel of the future, the truth is that advances in the related automotive field has yet to yield a true revolution – the hybrids, battery-operated and fuel cell electrics have not yet commanded the bulk of car sales. So, the automakers are aiming to enhance the traditional technology of petrol and diesel engines.

Now Ford is ready to invest 190 million pounds ($306 million) in its Dagenham plant on the outskirts of London, UK to increase the production of cleaner diesel engines. The investment is just a fraction of the 1.5 billion pounds investment strategy over the next five years that Ford has pledged to the development and research of engines and technologies that decrease carbon emissions of its vehicles. The Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford also said the UK government would also support the investment with 8.9 million pounds for the Dagenham project.

Ford is already at the second stage of investment in the Dagenham facility, after it previously spent 287 million pounds. The second phase should result in an upgraded capacity of 350,000 clean diesel engines for commercial vehicles from 2015 and 150,000 engines for passenger cars in 2017.

Via Bloomberg