UK government mulls green car acquisitions, Tesla included image

The California-based electric car company has only started last month deliveries of the right-hand drive Model S cars in Great Britain. And now, they could become the means of transportation for UK’s officials.

The country’s Department for Transport announced recently its Government Car Service – the UK ministers’ vehicle provider – has a 5 million pounds ($8.6 million) program to acquire at least 150 ultra-low emission cars.

“The Model S we understand will be under evaluation for inclusion,” said Simon Sproule, Tesla’s spokesperson. “It would be great to see California-built Teslas transporting Her Majesty’s ministers on official business across London,” he added.

“London streets are cramped, you can’t go that fast and there are all sorts of limitations and fees for gasoline-powered vehicles, so there’s a logic to buying electric cars,” said Karl Brauer, senior industry analyst for Kelley Blue Book in Irvine, California. For Tesla, “it could have some halo effect for the brand if you see the cars used by the government,” he added.

According to Tesla, their luxury electric Model S sedan – which can travel 250 miles on a single charge when equipped with the biggest battery pack available – is the only vehicle considered for the program with that range.

The news also comes very close to China’s own government announcement that electric cars would make at least 30% of the government vehicle purchases by 2016.

Via Bloomberg