UK has the world’s second most expensive diesel image

United Kingdom is the country with the world’s second most expensive diesel fuel, behind Norway, according to a research by “This is Money” quoted by Daily Mail.

In mid-July, diesel price in the UK stood at an average 137.26p a liter in mid-July, 85p of which is tax. It turns out that motorists who switched to diesel cars in recent years realize that it’s not as good a move as it used to be. But even so, the Society Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that sales of diesel cars exceeded those of petrol vehicles for the first time since their records began.

Not even the fact that diesel prices are higher than unleaded by more than 5p a liter didn’t seem to discourage buyers. Under these circumstances, it’s not surprising that diesel cars take over ten years to save a driver money, as a recent research by consumer watchdog “Which?” shows.

“Lower pump prices for petrol and advances in petrol-engine efficiency mean petrol cars now often provide better value for money,” the research added. After Norway and the UK, the top 10 of world’s most expensive diesel includes Greece, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Israel, Denmark and Finland.

Source: Evans Halshaw