UK: Incentives for green cars extended by 2 years image

The grant programme for buying electric or low emissions cars in the UK have been extended until March 2018 to encourage more customers to choose a greener vehicle alternative.

The UK’s plug-in car grant will now run until March 2018, the Department for Transport has recently announced. Those customers wanting a cleaner and a more environmental friendly choice will receive up to 4, 500 pounds in incentives, with 500 pounds less than in the previous programme. The grant, which was first introduced in 2016 and is due to stop in February 2016, has drew about 50,000 low emissions cars and the latest extension is aimed to increase even more the demand for electric and hybrid cars. Announcing the new plan, Transport Minister Andrew Jones said the two-years extension of the programme would mean more than 100,000 extra people would gain access to the grant. “We are determined to keep Britain at the forefront of the technology,” said Jones “increasing our support for plug-in vehicles to £600 million over the next 5 years to cut emissions, create jobs and support our cutting-edge industries.”

The revised subsidies will be split into two categories. The maximum amount of 4,500 pounds can be received only at the purchase of cars with zero-emissions and range of over 70 miles, while vehicles with a shorter zero-emissions range will receive 2,500 pounds and that means the most plug-in hybrids will fall into this category. Furthermore, a price cap is also being introduced and cars from the latter classification with a price over 60,000 pounds will be ineligible for receiving any incentives. A further 500-pound help will also be available for owners of ultra-low emission vehicles who install a dedicated charging point at their home. The United Kingdom is part of ZEV Alliance that plans to make all new cars in their jurisdictions emission-free by 2050.

Via Autocar