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Millions of drivers are slowing down to save fuel as pump prices continue to rise, according to the AA.

As pump prices soar to new record highs, more than half (59%) of all drivers intend to reduce their speed on motorways to cut their fuel consumption*. The figure rises to 65% among female drivers.

A motorist driving at 80 mph will burn up 25 per cent more fuel than at the speed limit of 70 mph. Cutting back to 60 mph reduces consumption by another nine per cent.

Drivers are now paying over £10 more per tank of diesel than a year ago, and over £8.40 more per tank of petrol***.

“Drive Smart has proven that easing off the gas on the motorway, along with other eco-driving techniques, can slash up to £500 a year from your fuel bills – which means a two-car family can save up to £1,000 a year.”

Crude oil has been particularly volatile in recent days, owing to unrest in key oil producing countries.

Mounting concern over Libyan supplies and speculation about protests in Saudi Arabia have affected prices.

So far, the main oil-producing states in the Arabian Gulf, with the exception of Bahrain, have been relatively unaffected by the pro-democracy street protests. Nevertheless, the spectacle of turmoil in neighbouring countries and the fear of contagion has sent global oil prices soaring.

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