UK: More than 6 percent of accidents happen because of ‘lane change’ image

More than 6%* of accidents on UK roads are the result of ‘lane change’ manoeuvres, causing vehicle damage in excess of £437 million each year, according to new research by Accident Exchange.

The study also reveals that more than 50,000 accidents also shows the number of ‘lane change’ collisions have risen by 48% in just two years.

In the majority of cases, the ‘at fault’ driver changes lanes without indicating and collides with another vehicle. Poor rear or side visibility and driving ‘without due care and attention’ are cited as the typical causes.

The new Accident Exchange data suggests annual lane change accidents now top 152,000. The average cost of each accident is approximately £2,876** in repairs, which excludes the financial impact on emergency services and the lost labour hours from dealing with garages and insurance companies.
There were an estimated 2.5m accidents in 2010 on UK roads.

Department for Transport figures show that simply failing to check for another vehicle is the most frequently reported contributory factor (38%) to an accident. Poor all-around visibility from large door pillars can make matters more difficult still.

In the majority of incidents, the ‘at fault’ party moved from the right to the left, striking the driver’s side of the innocent motorist’s car.

The Accident Exchange research was based on 50,000 claims handled between 2009 and June 2011.