UK: Nissan Juke gets revised diesel engine image

Nissan has recently announced a revised diesel engine for the Juke in the United Kingdom, where the model will soon go on sale.

The Japanese based automaker Nissan has recently upgraded the diesel engine on the Nissan Juke in the United Kingdom. The unit has the same 1.5 liters in displacement and the dCi is offering the same 108 BHP, but the torque figure has increased by 20 Nm, to a total of 260 Nm. Even if it has more torque, the urban crossover can still accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 11.2 seconds, before reaching the same top speed of 109 mph.

The fuel economy figure has been improved thanks to the stop/start system fitted as standard, to the variable oil pump and to the new turbocharger. The fuel economy has went up by 14 percent to 67.3 mpg (UK) and the CO2 emissions have dropped 12 percent, to 109 g/km. The Juke with the upgraded 1.5 dCi is also benefiting from revised gear ratios, with first and second being shorter and the sixth longer, in order to take advantage of the extra torque. The Juke Visia will start at 14,895 GBP, with the revised engine, while the top of the line Tekna will set you back for 18,390 GBP.