UK: Nissan Micra facelift to be unveiled next week image

Nissan is planning to introduce a facelifted version of the Micra in the United Kingdom next week.

A facelifted version of the Nissan Micra will be officially presented to the public across the United Kingdom next week. The announcement has been made by the company’s product planning boss Andy Palmer, who says that the model will receive some major changes which will take care of some problems spotted over the years. The updated Nissan Micra will also get an improved interior design and a more masculine finish, which should attract more customers into the model before the next generation will hit the production line.

“It’s a very successful car, and does really well in the likes of Thailand, India and Israel, but we needed something for Europe. It’ll be a ‘big minor change’”, said Andy Palmer.

The Nissan Micra facelift has already been unveiled during the Bangkok Motor Show, but the Japanese based automaker is saying that the version aimed towards the Old Continent will be different. Additional details on the facelifted Nissan Micra remain unknown for the moment, but you can check out the Asian version by clicking this link.

Source: Auto Express