According to a study from UsedCarExpert, the North West has the cheapest used cars in the UK. Average prices are just GBP8,682 compared to Greater London, the UK’s most expensive region, on GBP11,365.

On the same time, the South East has the second cheapest regional used car prices.

NORTH WEST average car value: GBP8,682 (Sample size: 42,108)
Job Losses Weaken Car Buying Confidence in South East
SOUTH EAST average car value: GBP9,043 (Sample size: 51,263)
London’s Used Car Rip-Offs
GREATER LONDON average car value: GBP11,365 (Sample size: 29,806)
Scotland Matches UK Car Prices
SCOTLAND average car value: GBP9,280 (Sample size: 30,816)
Northern Ireland No Different to Mainland
NORTHERN IRELAND average car value: GBP9,366 (Sample size: 2,205)
North East Dealers Play Fair
NORTH EAST average car value: GBP10,049 (Sample size: 25,512)
East Midlands & Scotland Seeing Average Economic Outlook
EAST MIDLANDS average car value: GBP9,263 (Sample size: 47,636)
West Midlands Mixed Outlook
WEST MIDLANDS average car value: GBP10,525 (Sample size: 43,550)
Wales Consumer Confidence Weak
WALES average car value: GBP9,151 (Sample size: 10,176)
South West Sits On Economic Fence
SOUTH WEST average car value: GBP9,284 (Sample size: 39,494)