UK: One In Five Would Consider an Electric Car Following Coalition Government’s New Scheme image

The results were revealed by the UK’s leading high street retailer of car insurance following the unveiling of plans by the Coalition Government to offer grants to those who wish to purchase one.

Swinton surveyed 1,200 customers and found that 19% would consider purchasing a greener vehicle as part of the scheme.

From January 2011, under the new scheme any motorist buying a new generation electric car or ultra low carbon hybrid will get 25% off, up to a maximum of £25,000.

The benefits of owning an electric car include reduced carbon emissions and a much lower rate of car tax, however, Swinton is warning motorists who wish to purchase an electric vehicle to ensure they check out the premium for car insurance first. Electric cars are more unusual and have difficult-to-replace parts thus increasing repair costs, which could impact on insurance premiums.

The top five electric cars available in 2010 are:
Peugeot iOn electric
Nissan LEAF electric
Toyota Plug-in Prius hybrid
Citroen DS3 HDi
Ford C-Max