UK – Peugeot 5008 facelift gets priced image

Peugeot has recently released the official price list for the 5008 in the United Kingdom, where the MPV is now available to order from 18,800 GBP.

The Peugeot 5008 MPV has received a facelift which is bringing the looks of the model in line with the company’s newest models and a slight price increase has been added to it, as its starting price now stands at 18,800 GBP. New features found on the model include the LED strip in the lower portion, the chrome trim surrounding the front fog lights embedded lower down in the bumper and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Peugeot says that the trim levels of the updated 5008 are the same and they include the Access, the Active and the Allure, and they are now 200 GBP, 300 GBP and 350 GBB more expensive than before. The mid-range Allure can be yours from 22,550 GBP while the top of the line Allure is available from 23,150 GBP. The engine lineup remains unchanged and it includes the three diesel and two petrol units, the 1.6L HDi with 115 HP and the 2.0L HDi with 150 HP and 165 HP. Petrol units include the 1.6L VTi with 120 HP and 1.6L THP with 1.6L THP.