UK Study: Women hate the new car buying process image

Buying a new car is an early Christmas present for most of us but you aren’t a petrol head and the vehicle is not more than a way of going from A to B this can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know a thing about automobiles.

Women drivers hate the new car buying process as the UK car retailer Quicks is showing in a recent study and more than half of them feel that they will be ripped off by dealers, while 40 percent would not buy a car from a dealer unless they were accompanied by a male friend.

“We know from our own research that increasingly women make the decision on what car to buy in the household. It is clear that the majority of women don’t like the car buying experience and that many women feel they are treated differently by sales people, who seem to be trying to take advantage of them”, said the Head of Quicks Operations, Katie Martin.

A trip to the dealership is as intimidating as suffering road rage for one in ten women so Quicks is offering them a few tips for buying a new car:
– Don’t feel pressured
– Do your research
– Test drive the car
– View the car in good conditions where possible
– Investigate its history
– Try not to get emotionally attached to the car
– Take a friend with you to the dealership and not down some important questions about the car