UK: Sussex Police gets three extensively modified Ford Galaxys image

Three extensively modified versions of the latest model Ford Galaxy have gone into service with Sussex Police’s Forensic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Unit.

The conversions were carried out by Ford’s Special Vehicle Preparations (SVP) team.

The Sussex Police teams sometimes need to attend a scene for up to eight hours at a time, with engines running at all times to power electric systems mounted to the cars, so fuel efficiency is very important.

The comprehensive specification includes 3m telescopic roof-mounted masts carrying powerful 28, 000-lumen lighting for night-time operation. In addition, the vehicles are required to carry cameras, videos, trolley jacks, toolkits, measuring and surveying gear, tripods, crew clothing and other equipment. Working closely with Sussex Police Technical Engineer Neil Neve, SVP installed a bespoke racking and storage system, police livery and public-warning equipment.

According to the Sussex Police these vehicles will be used for five years, covering more than 125,000 miles.

The 163PS Ford Galaxy Titanium is powered by a 2.0 Duratorq TDCi engine with six-speed manual transmission and returns 49.6mpg combined, accelerates from 0-60mph in 9.5sec and has CO2 emissions of 152g/km.