UK: the car industry backs EU membership image

According to a survey taken by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the majority of the British car industry wants the country to remain a member of the European Union.

According to the SMMT survey, north of 90% of the companies involved in the local auto industry support Britain into remaining inside the European single market – which they consider incremental to UK’s continuing blooming of its car industry.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised that if his party wins next year’s elections it would move to put in place a referendum to see whether Britain would get out of the European Union – and the local car industry has been a vocal supporter of keeping the membership.

“The position of the UK automotive industry is clear — being part of a strong Europe is critical for future success,” SMMT CEO Mike Hawes said in a statement. “The recent success of the UK automotive sector is due to its global competitiveness; competitiveness that is enhanced by a supportive business environment at home and access to the huge single market,” he added.

Britain’s car industry enjoyed a Phoenix-like renaissance last year, evading the European trend with a six-year production high – employing close to 730,000 people in the UK and generating sales of around 60 billion pounds ($100 billion) each year.

Via Automotive News Europe