Yep, the French automaker’s vehicle is being used to mix music and barbeque – thanks to DJ BBQ that aims to bring people together through music and food at festivals this summer.

Since the summer is here, no reason not to fire up the grill and have some tasty meat. Since the great outdoors is best enjoyed with friends, naturally some music would also be a great fit. Renault has the solution with its bespoke “catertainment” van – a one-off Master Chassis Cab for chef Christian Stevenson, who is also known as DJ BBQ. He will be touring UK festivals this summer, delivering all the fun using this single party-ready vehicle. The van has all the beats and cooking credentials you need.

For starters, it has a proper DJ booth – with a speaker box coming out of the roof so the music can be heard from everywhere. Party people will also enjoy some flame-shooting cannons, but most importantly you don’t have to dance on an empty stomach. The Master Chassis Cab has a well stocked, fully equipped kitchen inside, including a big grill. And DJ BBQ also has other cooking components hauled around on a boat trailer. Aside from these interesting credentials, you’ll be pleased to hear the cooked food is healthy, as Stevenson is part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube online network. He’s going to be stopping at Jimmy’s Beer & Sausage Festival, Camp Bestival, Big Feastival, Meatopia, and On Blackheath, among others.


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