After the series of disclosures made recently in Volkswagen’s case, Britain has decided to make a comprehensive check over the system used for new cars approvals.

The Volkswagen diesel scandal has pushed Britain into launching an investigation to find out what type of system has been used to approve new cars and their emission levels. Thus, the Parliament’s transportation committee is going to check thoroughly the effectiveness of current measurements. The committee will look over different aspects of the testing procedures made by national agencies, such as performance, noise and emissions figures, to see if the results correlate with the European Union standards. The authorizations for new cars in the Britain are being given by The Vehicle Certification Authority. “The gap between emissions detected in test conditions and those detected in the real world is significant,” committee chairwoman Louise Ellman, a lawmaker with the opposition Labour party, said in a statement. “The testing procedure is clearly inadequate.”

Volkswagen has said around 1.2 million vehicles in Britain have been affected by the scandal. One of the major criticism made by some members of the European parliament was directed toward the current system of approvals, which allows different national committees to homologate vehicles, one single entity being mandatory for testing cars emissions. There has also been heavy criticism over the compromise made by the European Committee to allow twice agreed pollution limits. “It is essential to examine these allegations and to ensure that the government and the EU take action to restore public confidence,” Louise Ellman said.

Via Reuters


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