As automaker plan to close more plants in Europe, analysts predict that some changes will be made in the positions currently held by each market.

As automaker have targeted France to close more facilities, it will be difficult for the market to reach the 1.9 million vehicles produced in 2012 in the years to come, as the outlook is not very positive. France, and many markets in Europe, has been affected by an increase in unemployment and therefore a significant decrease in sales.

Despite all the problems in Europe, the UK has done amazingly well, as demand for local automakers and the domestic manufactured products of foreign car makers, such as Nissan and Toyota, continues to be steady and even growing. Although only 1.5 million vehicles have been manufactured in the UK last year, analysts believe that if all facilities had worked at full capacity the market would have reached 2 million vehicles overtaking France, which they expect it will happen in 2018.

Germany is seen keeping the first place as last year it produced 5.5 million vehicles, but when it comes to Italy, if production will keep dropping, it might be surpassed by Romania, which last year manufactured 326,556 units, compared with Italy’s 396,817 units. Analysts predict that this year Romania will produce almost 450,000 units if they keep production at the high levela reached by local brand Dacia in the first quarter of the year.



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