UK unveiling of the Keating Bolt prototype image

Keating Supercars has unveiled their new Bolt prototype in the United Kingdom in their most recent effort to bring to life a supercar under their brand.

Designed to preview an upcoming production model, the prototype has a slightly generic design –we see cues taken from Saleen models or the Noble M400 – but its maker claims impressive performance figures.

The production model is slated to have a carbon/Kevlar body and an aluminum space frame. This will reportedly enable the Bolt to have a curb weight of 990-1200 kg (2182-2645 lbs). The composite bodywork, the tubular chassis, the ever-dependable combination of a rear-mounted LS V8 engine and a six-speed transaxle with no driver aids are all great stuff, but we can’t help wonder if the car will really deliver or this is just someone leaving the dream of making its own supercar.

That is, you really need to wonder about Keating once you see the figures: the General Motors 7.0-litre LS7 V8 gives a standard output of 505bhp and 470lb ft; Keating says its version produces around 640bhp and if they achieve a kerb weight of 990kg another 800bhp version of The Bolt is claimed to accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.0sec. And wait, the top speed should be around 340 mph (around 550 km/h)!

The company, which is run by Dr Anthony Keating, has produced three previous models – the SKR, the TKR and the ZKR. The total number of Keatings built, since the first model was launched in 2006, is claimed to be in the region of 15 cars.

Previously the company’s TKR, which used a 1750bhp twin-turbocharged engine from Nelson Racing Engines, is reputed to have hit 260.1mph at El Mirage in the United States.

Via Autocar