One of London’s most exclusive boroughs, on and around Sloane Street, has a problem that stems from its exaggerated wealth – noisy supercars owned by the elite property holders.

The very wealthy Knightsbridge neighborhood – home to some of the most expensive properties in the British capital – is also home to some of the most expensive rides – from Lamborghini Aventadors to KTM X-Bows. And while they do show off the level of wealth for the owner and make sure any passerby will glance with envy, they are also well known for their engine sound. And residents – probably others than the ones owning such supercars – often complain the drivers make too much noise and often at late hours. “The real problem for us is at night when they race up and down … revving their cars at high speed and making a really horrific noise,” comments one resident. “It’s quite impossible to sleep and that’s the real problem.” And the complaints are now forcing the local council to react.

The Kensington and Chelsea borough announced last week it started consultations on a planned Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), stemming from 2014 legislation that deals with such issues that are likely to affect local communities. The proposed PSPO would ban the revving of engines, rapid acceleration and playing of loud music among others. Even some of the owners of said supercars, such as Iraqi kick-boxer Riyadh al-Azzawi – who owns a gold Ferrari – say the measure is welcomed, as many of the people doing such nuisances ruin the image for all other owners in the neighborhood.

Via Reuters


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