UK Women Drivers May Face £362 Rise in Car Insurance image

Recently the European judges emerged a ruling according to which women drivers could have to pay an extra £362 a year for their car insurance.

Although generally safer drivers, women will no longer be allowed beginning December 21st to access cheaper car insurance rates because of their gender. Would drivers could get to pay an extra £362 a year, around £30 a month, seeing their premiums increase by up to 24% on average, while young men could see their fall by 9%. A woman until the age of 22 pays about £1,682 in car insurance while a young man is charged an average of £2,750, because they are more likely to have a serious crash.

Labour transport plans to make the insurance companies force the drivers to buy at least one black box product, which will prove how safe they are by recording how they drive. Discrimination in setting insurance rates has been allowed under EU equal treatment rules, which let the market to base the price of a financial product on the possibility that a person may have an accident, fall ill or dye.

Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘Three weeks ago the Prime Minister held a meeting for the insurance industry at Downing Street. But because we are not prepared to do anything about Europe, we can do absolutely nothing about this madness.’