UK’s Liberal Democrats plan a ban for petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 image

In an interesting piece of news, Britain’s Liberal Democratic party members announced their intentions to see petrol and diesel engined vehicles banned from the country’s roads.

This is not a joke and nor is it a piece of Sci-Fi story, as we do tend to anchor our news stories in the real life. Still, what you read earlier is entirely true, as the Liberal Democrats plan to allow on British roads by 2040 only ultra-efficient hybrid and electric vehicles. Also, this plan could become an effective party policy if the members vote it in and are part of a number of proposals that also would see the introduction of a system of road pricing in congested areas.

“By 2040, only ultra-low carbon vehicles will be permitted on UK roads for non-freight purposes. If technology permitted, we would bring forward this date,” the Liberal Democrat document read.

The plan would see the Vehicle Exercise Duty (VED) abolished and motorists charged for each journey they make, with the rates based on distance traveled and car emissions. Rates would also vary according to whether a motorist lived in the city or countryside, with different tariffs charged during peak traveling times.

Of course, the plans could very well be extremely premature, as there is no sign of real traction for the sales of ultra low CO2 or zero-CO2 vehicles, and maybe another take on the matter, like supporting smaller, more fuel-efficient petrol and diesel cars would make much more sense.

Via autoexpress