UN report says cars could drive the biggest greenhouse-gas rise soon image

According to a United Nations report that will be published on April 13th, transportation might become the fastest rising cause of emissions increases by 2050.

A leaked draft of the very well documented and comprehensive UN study on climate change causes says gases from vehicles could jump 71% from their 2010 levels – especially because of the countries with emerging economies.

The UN study points out that countries like China, India or Brazil, which have an explosive growth of car sales and needs for consumer demands that are hauled via highway, rail, ship or air transport, could alone exceed all savings implemented around the world – like electric subsidies or public transport efficiency moves.

Decreasing these gases “will be challenging, since the continuing growth in passenger and freight activity could outweigh all mitigation measures unless transport emissions can be strongly decoupled from GDP growth,” say the report’s authors.

The study was commissioned by the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and has a thorough 2,061-page analysis. In regards to transportation (which was surveyed alongside industry, building, agriculture and forestry), it further stated that while in 2010 it accounted for just 27% of total energy usage, vehicle emissions have actually more than doubled since a bit over four decades ago, in 1970.

Via Bloomberg