Uncensored Kama Sutra Fiat 500 is not even safe for the work parking lot image

There are one-offs and then there are biblical one-offs – a cross between epic bespoke and paradise lost customization – yes, this is a car for someone willing to let anyone look at his people making love on the car.

This is another project coming from Garage Italia Customs – which is already an established extrovert tuning house – having done things such as the MemphisStyle Bmw i3 and i8, but also Star Wars or Pepsi-themed Fiat 500 one of a kind versions. But their new Fiat 500 Kar_masutra is sure to raise the bar… in terms of something we can’t really say out in the open without a red light. There are even two versions of this interesting – to say the least – NSFW project: one comes with uncensored scenes from the Kama Sutra, you know, with people embraced making “noodles.” The other one is even more graphic, showcasing inside the tiny 500 the exaggerated genitalia from Japan’s 19th century shunga woodblock prints.

Uncensored Kama Sutra Fiat 500 is not even safe for the work parking lot 3

If people get into the mood after seeing the exterior and interior pics, the cabin comes with personalized options to allow them to take care of the brewing pot. There are some fuzzy handcuffs attached to the ceiling, a flogger is attached to the passenger seat, erotic dice dangle from the rearview mirror, and the gearshift is… well, very explicit. You can even have some privacy with the red drapes closed and there’s also a neon Adults Only sign – and hopefully an easy clean-off feature for the crimson leather.