Undisguised Nissan Micra facelift spied in Thailand image

A facelifted version of the Nissan Micra has been recently spied in Thailand, near a shopping center, with absolutely no camouflage on its body.

The Nissan Micra is the kind of car in which you can’t feel comfortable at a red light if you are a man but the Japanese based automaker is currently working on that, just like Volkswagen did with its Beetle, transforming it into a unisex vehicle. Another attempt into shooting the Nissan Micra with some steroids in order to grow a beard, and probably something else, can be seen in the photos posted below, which are revealing a facelifted version of the B-segment crossover.

The images posted below have been taken in Thailand, near a shopping center, and they are showing the Nissan Micra facelift with no camouflage on its body. The front fascia stands out from a crowd easily thanks to its new headlights, new front grille and new bumper, along with some other features. The interior design of the model is expected to remain pretty much the same and as for the engine lineup, the 1.2 liter petrol and the 1.5 liter diesel will still be offered, with a 5-speed manual or an X-CVT automatic transmission. More details on the model remain unknown for the moment.

Image Source: pulsar-club.com