Unique Rolls-Royce Dawn packs a bespoke blue shade image

We’re used to Rolls-Royce creating one-off models to suit customer preferences, so the British ultra-luxury automaker sharing these pictures of a lovely one-off Dawn convertible didn’t catch us off-guard.

They decided to showcase the model to reveal the craftsmanship of their Bespoke department, which can reach great lengths to satisfy customer demands at the right price point. And the particular client wanted his or her Dawn to be pampered in baby blue. This is something that Rolls-Royce actually didn’t have in its color charts, so Bespoke took charge because they can mix any shade for a picky customer. More surprising, no customer has so far asked for a unique color on the Dawn, so this is a double premiere. The body color is also splashed on the wheel centers, with black painted brake calipers and the Spirit of Ecstasy statue being gold plated and lit from below.

Unique Rolls-Royce Dawn packs a bespoke blue shade 3

The cabin features a double-hue mandarin and black theme for the leather upholstery and lambs wool rugs. Bespoke’s book matched, open pore Rosewood veneer is meanwhile adorning the fascia and rear deck. While looking as if derived from the Ghost or Wraith, Rolls still claims the Dawn to be 80 percent new, though it still uses the 6.6-liter, twin-turbo V12 engine packing 571 horsepower.