Unique Saab Vehicles To Be Auctioned image

Saab’s receivers have put up for sale on an online auction the last automaker’s vehicles which rolled off the Trollhätten assembly line.

A total of 68 cars are to be auctioned, the most unusual being the 18 9-5 SportCombis, the estate 9-5, which never reached showrooms. Also included in the auction are 29 of the 54 facelifted 2012 model 9-5 saloons, which never went on sales, the 10 9-4Xs and the last 9-5 saloon ever built, and also Victor Muller’s 9-5 Aero V6, who purchased Saab in 2011.

Ironically, the auction also includes the two limited edition Independence Edition 9-3 Cabriolets, manufactured to mark the automaker’s first year as an independent manufacturer. Many of the vehicles to be sold have been used as company runabouts or test hacks and will need bodywork and mechanical repairs.

“Saab has always had a unique position on the international market and many customers have had a long and loyal relationship with the brand,” said Per Blomberg, business area manager of KVD. “Now that the last ever cars that were produced by Saab Automobile AB are coming up for sale, we expect interest from Saab enthusiasts all over the world.”