United Auto Workers union elects its new president image

In a triumphant election, the UAW congress voted Dennis Williams as its 11th president yesterday, putting him in charge for the next four years.

While the UAW is probably the most renowned union in the world – even as its influence only encompasses US workers – in recent years its former glory had a huge downfall, with falling numbers and concessions to the Detroit three automakers in the wake of the last financial crisis. The new president finds a union that fights to regain its leverage power, restore its financial power and increase its political reach.

“I am excited for our union. I feel the energy, the power of our unity,” Williams said shortly after he was elected. “I am looking forward to taking on the challenges we have.”

“Dennis has always been somebody I can trust to talk about the issues at hand,” said Joel Morel, a delegate from UAW Local 145. “Dennis has always been a champion of social justice.”

Williams, an early endorser of Barack Obama is well known for his White House ties, and is also a well known supporter of the last president’s strive to organize unions at foreign-owned automakers plants in the US. He added that his main goal for the short-term is to win wage increases from the US automakers trio.