Uniti three-wheeler EV gets $790k from crowdfunding image

The Swedish startup has already amassed 140 pre-orders for this upcoming tiny city electric car. In the mean time, the company has resorted to crowdfunding to secure the production money for the model that should “reinvent city mobility”.

The company has other big words to describe its upcoming vehicle: “We are leading the most deliberate reinvention of the automobile in modern times.” And that’s something not even Tesla said! Until that happens, Uniti has turned to crowdfunding to raise the money for a working prototype – the original €500,000 ($551,250) goal was exceeded during the still ongoing FundedByMe campaign – with 345 investors already delivering €723,310 ($797,449) – and according to Swedish law those investors are now official shareholders as well.


Uniti says the three-wheeler is “a vehicle with the correct format for urban transportation”. It has been stripped to the basics save the needs for comfort and safety and has “sufficient luggage compartments and sporty but reasonable performance”. High tech credentials are also in order, with the startup looking to develop a full-screen, augmented reality head-up display, and most of the functions will be operated by gesture. A steer-by-wire system is in place instead of the more complicated mechanical steering, and the car has autonomous driving functions as well. If it’s not waporware, the plans are for production to kick off late 2019 or early 2020.