Univ. of Michigan to Set New Record at SAE Challenge image

A group of students from the University of Michigan will try to hit a new record in green engineering.

The university already has one of the most well-known solar car teams and this year, at the annual SAE Supermileage Competition, the school will field its first entry. The group of students will try to break the record of 3,169 mpg (1,347 kmpl) Briggs and Stratton lawnmower, with their car expected to reach 3,300 mpg (1,402 kmpl).

The competition was held in 1980 and since then teams compete to create the most fuel efficient lightweight single seater vehicles. The event is to take place on June 7th and 8th at Marshall, Michigan. The students took an usual backyard vehicle an turned it into a highly efficient, high performance vehicle, breaking a record and protecting the environment by offering a green and energy efficient car.

Laura Pillari, project manager and co founder of the team, and Brett Merkel, a senior in mechanical engineering, are excited and confident of their success, since fuel efficiency is of utmost importance.