Unofficial Porsche Vision GT car pays a visit to the Gran Turismo series image

The video racing series has been famous lately for convincing a host of automakers to present incredible concepts that will never make it onto the streets but will be the delight of generations of racers in the virtual world.

These radical designs were sometimes so cool the major automakers even spent the money on turning them from virtual cars into real world show cars. We saw examples of both kinds from carmakers as diverse as Hyundai or Aston Martin, but there was one important absentee. While even Bugatti – a VW Group member just like Porsche – has joined the craze with a Vision concept that also served as a preview for the Chiron – the iconic sports car manufacturer is nowhere to be seen in the game.

Unofficial Porsche Vision GT car pays a visit to the Gran Turismo series 15

This is of course a problem of licensing issues – but now a small, independent team of designers decided this is an easily to overcome hurdle. As such they created their own concept of a Porsche prototype that would be a cool addition to the game. The team – six persons from around the world – had five automotive designers and one expert in digital manipulation. According to their official comments, the inspiration came in the form of 1969 Porsche 908 LH race car, with the 908-04 concept looking as an instant classic indeed. More cues were taken from the 918 Spyder, the 919 Hybrid racecar, and the Mission E electric concept.