Unplugged Performance comes with the “P” for Tesla Model 3 image

Elon Musk’s Twitter account hasn’t said anything yet about an official performance derivation of the Tesla Model 3, so clients looking for the better treatment have to resort to the aftermarket scene.

Few customers – at first shareholders and employees will have priority for Model 3 deliveries – will get to see their new Model 3 parked in the driveway, but already there’s a solution to getting the performance version, even though Tesla only announced the standard and Long Range versions so far. Los Angeles-based Unplugged Performance has released their proposal rendering for a tuned Model 3 – packing an aerodynamic body kit and lightweight wheels. The company is looking to deliver a low-volume series for the Model 3 with aerodynamic tweaks, ultra-lightweight wheels and a ceramic brake, all available via the firm’s “Complete Car Program”.

The tuner aims to personalize the Model 3 build – “Every vehicle will be one of a kind,” explains CEO Ben Schaffer. The Model 3 owner will be “involved in interior material selections, colors, stitching detail, exterior color, body design specification, wheel design specification and custom-tailored performance attributes to each owner’s driving preference.” The changes include carbon fiber components, reworked suspension, ultra-light wheels with titanium lug nuts, and bespoke interior detailing.

Via Teslarati