Unsure if the Skoda Superb is for you? Then benchmark it against the BMW 5 Series image

An Irish Skoda dealer has decided the “humble” Skoda Superb flagship might convince those curious about it if they throw in a comparison test drive with a BMW 5 Series.

We’re unsure if the move will actually pay off – even if the current generation 5 Series is nearing its lifecycle end and the current generation Skoda Superb is considerably “younger” – but we have to give credit to this particular Skoda dealer in Ireland for having the “balls” to do it. That’s because they look pretty sure the Skoda Superb will stack well against a comparable model in size from the premium roster. Over at Pilsen Auto, prospective Superb owners have been also invited to have a go in 5 Series for a test drive in order to compare it against Skoda’s top offering. Even if the 5 Series hasn’t been bought in a top trim and the Superb has all the bells and whistles on we can imagine the price gaps is still humongous – natural since the Superb competes against mainstream models and the large BMW sedan fights off other premium contenders.

For example, the entry-level Superb hatchback will go for at least €26, 995 in Ireland while a base 5 Series will retail from €45,200. That’s almost 20,000 euros in between – and we’re actually pretty sure this move is actually coming as a psychological benefit for the Superb buyers because we’re pretty sure someone with the money to snatch a 5 Series won’t even try out the Skoda Superb from the get go.

Via Pilsen Auto