Upcoming Frankfurt show to affect models going to the US image

While the upcoming Frankfurt auto show in Germany is still more than a month away, the buzz is already there when it comes to the brand new cars going on sale in Europe this year as 2016 model year autos.

Europe’s new-car season will peak around the Frankfurt auto show in Germany, which starts midway through September, with dozens of new models being unveiled – and some of them will be crucial for the US market as well. Traditionally, no automaker wants its new vehicle to be “lost in translation” on the show floor so between now and the opening days of the show we’ll have stream of news flooding us. And many of those vehicles will swiftly reach American driveways without modifications or with updates to suit the US tastes. First off, the newly presented Opel Astra is going to switch the badge and name and present itself to the American public as the upcoming Buick Verano. The model is crucial for the Opel brand in Europe as the General Motors division seeks a return to profitability and the compact uses the all-new global Delta 2 architecture. Just take the sporty hatch and transform it into a sleek sedan to have a good picture of the upcoming generation of the popular Buick Verano.

Audi, the fastest rising luxury brand in the US is gearing up to present its run of the mill next generation A4 in Frankfurt. The styling is evolutionary to conservative, but the A4 now uses the all new group MLB architecture, also used for the Q7 crossover reaching American dealerships this fall. The Infiniti brand is also spreading its wings, nailing a growing segment with the Q30 compact model. And the Japanese luxury automaker will also beef up its options with the addition of the QX30 crossover SUV, with both models hitting US dealerships later next year.