Mercedes Benz said today that in September at the IAA auto show, the new B Class will be unveiled.

The first units of the new B-Class will be delivered to customers in Western Europe later this year.

“We want to further increase our market share in this segment through the launch of the successors to the current A-Class and B-Class as well as of two other sporty and emotional variants,” adds Dr. Schmidt.

“We also want to tap new customer groups and additional markets. In the process, we will demonstrate that premium status is not a matter of external dimensions; it is primarily a question of perceived value, quality, and style. We will also be setting new benchmarks in the premium compact segment when it comes to safety. The new B-Class, for example, will be fitted with an emergency braking assistant as standard.”

With regard to comfort, safety and perceived value, the future B-Class will meet the customers’ premium requirements in every way the automaker said. Expect to see a range of small displacement turbo engines and new hybrid variants offering in the B-Class family, as well as a hydrogen fuel cell model.

Mercedes is also working on a high-performance AMG B-Class model, which will likely feature a four-cylinder with forced induction.

The next B-Class will be offered with either a six-speed manual or six-speed dual clutch gearbox, as Mercedes-Benz is dropping the CVT, and will also feature a stop/start system.


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