With the lightweight metal already seen in mass-production cars that don’t belong to the premium segment, having a Rolls-Royce model using aluminum would come nothing close to a surprise.

And that’s exactly the case. Rolls Royce recently announced its upcoming model that would expand the current range would come in the form of a crossover/sport utility vehicle for the first time in the legendary firm’s history. The decision was made as the global interest shifts away from traditional passenger cars and as rivals in the segment – including Bentley, Maserati or even Aston Martin – also have their own plans for the niche. First details about the upcoming model, which has no schedule for appearance yet, said the crossover would make use of an entirely new platform, which would be exclusive to the brand. Now, the Rolls Royce chief executive officer Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes has shed some more light on the structure, saying it would be of the aluminum spaceframe type and confirmed it would have no links to parent BMW’s platforms.

The executive also pointed out that in light of the weight reduction gains achieved through extensive use of aluminum – a lightweight metal that is also widely employed now by Ford for its 2015 F-150 pickup truck – all other upcoming models of the line-up would use the spaceframe technology. He added the upcoming crossover would further reduce its mass – which has an impact on both handling and fuel consumption – by using aluminum extensively for the body and several other components. Some components will be shared with BMW’s upcoming large crossover, the X7, which is scheduled to arrive sometimes in 2018.

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