Updated VW Golf GTI Cabriolet comes with uninspiring tweaks and hefty price image

We all love our hot hatches since they represent the most adolescent part from our hearts – they’re feisty, courageous and like to show off – but they also don’t get us in the first tree like a supercar would if manhandled improperly.

And when the hot hatch turns out it has a morphing body – being able to transform into a cabriolet, then our minds and souls are opened as wide as it goes. And Volkswagen wants to tell us it has the perfect fit – the recently updated Golf GTI Cabriolet. There’s one catch though – unless you’re a true VW believer you won’t be able to seemingly spot the differences between the old and new Golf GTI Cabriolet. The very minor facelift job include “exclusive” modifications such as a different honeycomb pattern to the mildly changed red surround radiator grille. We also noticed the arrival of red brake calipers, of a set of modified bumpers and reshaped side sill extensions, as well as the new glossy diffuser and the set of 17-inch Brooklyn alloy wheels (those can be topped off by the 18-inch Austin wheels). If they shell more cash the drivers will be granted the optional rear spoiler and the new Garnet Red soft top which can be an alternative to the standard Deep Blue and Black tones.

Inside the cabin there’s pretty much the same affair as with the outside – take the eyeglass and start Sherlock Holming – though you might save yourself the trouble: VW comments there is a new multi-function leather-wrapped steering wheel as well as modified designs for the hand brake lever and gear shifter. There are also red accents to spice up the atmosphere which is supported by the standard chequered seat covers – or optional leather upholstery with finishing touches. Under the hood the GTI Cabriolet will retain the 217-hp 2.0 turbocharged petrol mill mated to the 6-speed DSG – this suffices for a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) run in 6.9 seconds, with pricing in Germany at a rather hefty 37,075 euros ($40,663).