U.S.: 2012 the Year of the US Auto Industry? image

The world as we know it today struggles with so many economical and political problems, that we wonder if the auto industry will soon get back on its feet.

Car companies fight bankruptcy, try to find solutions to stay on the market and even make unwanted alliances just to survive.

From all the countries it seems that the US is the one that manages to cope with the changes. The annual auto sales have improved with 23% since 2009, the year of recession.

“The most surprising thing to many is that the U.S. could be in a leading position among global players,” said GM’s Mustafa Mohatarem at the Society of Automotive Analysts’ Automotive Outlook Conference earlier this month. 13.5 million to 14 million new cars are predicted to be bought in 2012 (12.8 million in 2011).

The sells are expected to rise also because of the solution found by the companies: car loans. Prime borrowers find easy credit. In 2008 57% of auto loans went to people who chose prime credit, in 2011 it reached 78%.

Although Europe, China and US account for two-thirds of global auto sales, the US seem rise the highest expectations for 2012.

“It’s a better market,” NADA’s Taylor said. “Cars are on the move, and we’re guardedly optimistic.”