Hyundai has announced the price list for the 2013 Equus model in the United States of America, where the entry-level version has been priced at $60, 150.

According to the South Korean based automaker, the2013Hyundai Equus just went over the 60,000 USD milestone with a price hike of $250, which made it cost $60,150 for the base entry-level version, shipping included. As you can see from the image posted above, the 2103 Hyundai Equus doesn’t have a lot of changes and it can be considered more like a refresh than a facelift, with its highlights including the new White Satin exterior paint, along with the Saddle interior color combination.

The 2013 Hyundai Equus Ultimate, which is the top of the line version, can be bought by customers over-seas starting with 67,150 USD, shipping included, and this version is adding features like the rear-seat entertainment system, the rear console refrigerator, the power trunk lid or the 50/50 split rear seats. Even if the 2013 Hyundai Equus is more expensive than the 2012 model year, this is still significantly cheaper than the competition, where the Lexus LS 460 starts at $68,505 or the BMW 705i costs $86,195, both of them for the entry-level versions and both of them for the 2012 model year.


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