US: 2015 comes with numerous auto expectations image

The year 2014 has been retired, with numerous good news and maybe even more bad news. So, let’s take a look at what we reckon is in store for the year to come, with a US flair.

The US auto market, the second larges tin the world, finished 2014 in a roaring pace and when the sales figures for December come up later on we expect them to compliment the pace of the rapid industry recovery seen this year. So, with even lower gas prices and a rather mild winter so far, we expect 2015 to come in thundering when it comes to auto deliveries. Naturally, the cheap gas has allowed Americans to go back to their iconic SUV and truck models, shedding the passenger car market in favor of the light-utility segment. And that spans across all dimensions and classes, from the smallish Chevy Trax to the all-mighty aluminum intensive Ford F-150.

While cheap gas prices mean alternative fuels could be a page in the history book, we bet it won’t be the case. At leas not when it comes to plug-in hybrids and pure EVs, as for diesel fans we see no reason to rejoice in the near future. Though electrics have no way of revolutionizing the industry anymore, their significance will continue to grow as automakers introduce more models and the technology becomes cheaper and more reliable.

On the other hand, one trend seems to carry on into the next year: the recalls. While GM’s safety crisis seems to have finally passed – even as the No. 1 US automaker has again implicated the troubling ignition switch into recent safety campaigns – we’re sure the Takata airbag debacle is far from over.