US: 2015 model year cars that have the edge on fuel economy image

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the king of Environmental Protection Agency’s mileage ratings for the 2015 model year is the electric BMW i3.

While the AAA travel and safety association says the national average cost for a gallon of gasoline has recently dropped under $3 a gallon (for regular gasoline), fuel expenses are among the highest a motorist has to cope with when using his prized four-wheel possession.

So, for the eco and budget conscious, here are some of the highest rated models available in the US for the 2015 model year. First off, we find the BMW i3 – an all-electric city dweller that can be (optionally) fitted with a small gasoline engine acting as a range extender. It will do 137/111 e-mpg for city/highway driving. Fitting the range extender the rating remains a solid 117 e-mpg/39 mpg combined city/highway.

Next off we can find the very small and not so interesting Chevrolet Spark EV, which manages to get to a 128/109 e-mpg city/highway rating. In third place we’ll find the recently released Volkswagen e-Golf, rated at 126/105 e-mpg city/highway. The first (mostly) traditional model comes only at the No.12 position – the Honda Accord plug-in hybrid –, which posts a rating of 115 e-mpg/46 mpg combined city/highway.

Via Forbes