US: 2015 NAIAS revives the sports car image

Amid all that talk about electric cars, either powered by fuel cells or batteries, or the world government’s plans to lower even further the fuel consumption of cars, the 2015 edition of the North American International Auto Show has gone wild.

Everyone calls for smaller displacement engines, more batteries, more hybrids and plug-ins and generally we should drive Flintstone-type cars (if we powered them ourselves, there won’t be any residual emissions, on and off the grid). So we salute you Detroit for having the guts to showcase cars such as the Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang, Ford GT or the Acura/Honda NSX. We love supercar showdowns on the floors of automotive events. Nothing generates buzz like that blue GT supercar or the crimson red NSX presented during the first media day of the Detroit motor show – especially if you imagine or see the crowds that attended their reveal and the scarce attention paid to serious sedans and eco-friendly cars.

According to Jake Fisher, cars editor for Consumer Reports magazine – this is the automaker’ way of telling everyone they’re on the roll – “Automakers are delivering on people’s dreams instead of just meeting their needs,” he comments. Both Ford and Honda ride the best year of US auto sales since 2006 and now need to flex their muscles and show all their technological might. And it goes a long way when American and Japanese carmakers demonstrate the segment is not entirely the domain of German and Italian brands.

Via Bloomberg