US: a drone lets you see in 4K how is Tesla’s battery Gigafactory building up [video] image

It’s easy to say there are other projects more important when it comes to the automotive industry – for example the myriad of factories being built in Mexico – but it’s safer to say that Tesla’s Gigafactory project is the most-watched manufacturing enterprise in the United States.

We all know that even as Tesla Motors, the youngest publicly traded automaker in the US, led by billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder Elon Musk, is selling just one vehicle model in tens of thousands of units across the world (a fraction of what other global players deliver), investors are enamored with the company that is a cross between Sillicon Valley tech junkies and traditional automaking. So, their five billion dollars project coming to life in the vicinity of Reno, Nevada, is not only the place where the company wants to produce batteries, but also the project that could establish Tesla once and for all or lead it into bankruptcy. They not only seek to produce more batteries, cheaper, for use in the upcoming Tesla cars, but also as a source of revenue from the newly introduced home and business battery service, which the company brought to life last month.

So, if you were wondering how they progressed so far, GLC Tech Videos has taken a technologically marvelous look at the construction site – thanks to drone aerial video and high definition (Ultra HD 4K) filming. Though construction looks to be advancing rapidly, Tesla CEO Musk tweeted recently it’s far from being finished, wince we’re seeing just one quarter of the entire facility on video now.

Via Forbes