According to Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin, one of the company’s self-driving prototypes now being tested in real-world conditions, has been struck from behind in another rear-end crash, with the executive defensive about the driverless vehicle sector.

Brin recently said during a meeting of shareholders in Mountain View, California that the accident occurred last week, with Google’s autonomous prototypes now involved in a total of eleven crashes over the six years of testing – with none being the fault of the car. “I’m very proud of the record of our cars,” Brin said. “Our goal is to beat human drivers.” Google is trying to address the numerous issues concerning the safety and performance of autonomous vehicles, with the company’s investment in the field part of the larger internal strategy – Google X – established to research the long-term opportunities for cutting-edge technologies. Google has been adamant that its upcoming vehicles would only use sensors, maps and other tools to shed the implication of humans – which have a high percentage of error.

According to a blog post coming last month from Chris Urmson, director of Google’s self-driving program, the vast majority of accidents occurred as the prototypes were struck in the rear, some on the freeways and some at traffic lights. Google has been testing the technology for years using cars manufactured by Toyota and its Lexus luxury brand. Starting this summer, 25 of its bubble-shaped next generation test vehicles would hit the roads in Mountain View.

Via Bloomberg


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